Livingston International Class Action

What was this Class Action About?

The class action alleged that, since August 15, 2007, Livingston had failed to compensate its non-management employees when they worked overtime. In November 2016, the class action was certified and allowed to continue as a class action.  A copy of the Statement of Claim can be read by clicking here.

The parties agreed to settle the lawsuit for $19 million, including legal fees, disbursements and the costs of administering the settlement. The settlement was approved by the court on June 21, 2019. You can read all the settlement documents, including the settlement order in the case documents section of this webpage.

Am I part of the Class Action?

You are included in the class action if you fall within the class definition below:

All current or former non-management employees of the Defendant in its offices across Canada, who are or were employed, at any time between August 15, 2007 to April 28, 2017 in administrative, clerical, technical, and supervisory job classifications or who were otherwise subject to the Defendant’s overtime policy or policies, who have not opted-out of this Proceeding.

When can I ask for my Share of the Settlement?

The Court has approved the settlement in this class action. This means the settlement of the class action will be going ahead.Class members cannot ask for their share of the settlement money yet. If you are a current employee of Livingston you will not have to ask for a share of the settlement, you will be entitled to your share automatically.

Class members will be able to ask for a share of the settlement after July 31, 2019. A distribution form and notice will be sent after July 31 to the last known address of class members. The notice will tell class members how to ask for their share of the settlement. The distribution form and all information on how to ask for a share of the settlement money will also be posted on this webpage after July 31. If you are a member of the class, visit this page after July 31 to find out what to do and how to ask for money. Current employees do not have to take any steps to claim their share of the settlement.